Master Dy Band has become news in the last days.

 The mysterious band formed by Dy MooB has gained emphasis in several newspapers and webzines around the world, mainly in the United States. it only increases, everyone wants to know about the theme, what they talk about exactly and what kind of sound they make.

Master Dy was born in 2019 after creator Dy Moob went through a borderline disorder crisis that almost led her to take her own life, she decided to give herself one more chance in music, a career she has been trying for 17 years.
After this emotional explosion, Dy MooB began to compose for his new project and created the whole concept that involves the message the band wants to convey, and to do that she had to summon new members, which she calls constellations since metal stars are many.
Dy Moob always wanted to create music that could speak of the occult, without going into black metal, so, observing the boldness of the band Ghost in making this theme turned to Hard Rock she dared to try to use it in heavy metal with a Pop footprint to please the softer ears that search for this theme in the songs, and thus "Unknown Sound" was born. 

“Unknown Sound” will be released on February 26, 2021 by DyMM P&M. 

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