Final Lineup For Shadow Woods Metal Fest V Announced


The fifth edition of Shadow Woods Metal Fest happens Aug 27-29, 2021 in White Hall, Maryland. 
Tickets may be found on Eventbrite at . Advanced sales only. No tickets will be sold at the gate, so plan ahead! 
We are excited to announce our final lineup for our FINAL festival!  

Performance times will be Friday between 6 pm and 11 pm and Saturday between noon and 11 pm. There are no bands on Sunday. Exact set times will be posted soon. Ticket buyers should know that Panopticon, Falls of Rauros, Destroyer of Light, and Darsombra will play Saturday; Borracho, Neolithic, TEL, and Holy Fingers will perform Friday. Workshops, including yoga, will be held Saturday morning.
There will also be a vendor marketplace and food vendors. Attendees are reminded to NOT bring any outside alcohol, no glass containers, and the venue site does NOT allow pets. Once again, tickets may be found on Eventbrite at . 

Advanced sales only. No tickets will be sold at the gate. Note, if you plan to stay overnight, you must also purchase a camping or cabin pass. 

The fest will take place at its traditional location, Camp Hidden Valley (at Deer Creek Preserve ), a wooded, 200-acre property about 45 minutes north of Baltimore that hosts everything from weddings to children’s summer camps. Attendees may drive from home, camp, or stay in nearby hotels or private rentals. Check the website for any cabin options that may be available, but many are already sold out. Ticket holders should watch their emails for important updates about the fest. 

Event organizer M. A. Spiro says that this will be the last time she will do the fest. “I hope people come out for it. The bands need it. The fans need it. The production people need it. But one thing I learned after this last year is that I personally do not have to be the one to do these events any more. It’s a ton of work, a lot of risk financially and emotionally, and I am just not interested in carrying that mantle forward any longer. I would love it if someone created a new camping music fest nearby that I could go to and enjoy. But Shadow Woods as people have come to know it will be laid to rest after 2021.”  

Organizers are taking COVID-19 precautions seriously. They state:
We are requiring all attendees show proof of vaccination for Covid-19 at registration. If this is not possible, rapid COVID testing will be available for a fee upon entry. Covid-19 prevention protocols will be in effect throughout the weekend, including masking, hand washing, and physical distancing in crowded situations and will reflect the local, state and federal recommendations at the time of the fest. The fest will have trained medical professionals on site and if anyone tests positive for COVID or has any indicative symptoms such as a fever, coughing, chills, extreme fatigue, etc., we ask that you STAY HOME or leave the fest immediately, even if it is last minute. Everyone will be required to sign the typical camp liability waiver that we have used every year, but it will also include additional language and questions related to COVID to facilitate contract tracing, should that become necessary. We will be following whatever federal and local recommended protocols and guidelines for COVID safety that are in place at the time of the fest. All this is subject to change based on the current situation with the pandemic.
Rapid Covid-19 testing will be provided by The CrewWorks based in Baltimore, MD. The CrewWorks is an event crew services company that added its own Covid-19 testing laboratory through the State of Maryland in order to offer reduced cost testing to ensure that the entertainment industry can go back to work safely. 

Send an email to with the word “SW21” in the subject line and copy Mary Spiro at and you will be sent instructions on how to reserve and pre-pay for a test. Testing cost is $25 in advance, or $35 at the gate. Tests purchased are non-refundable, but they are transferable.

Merch for the fest can be purchased here:
Vendor inquiries can be sent to
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Check out this release from Stephan "Dark Titans"


Dark track describing the power and rise of Dark Titans on earth.

Recorded with Bass grammy winner Heitor Gomes, producer and guitar player Caio Fernandes and synth master Maurício Businari.

Track links:

Artist links:



CHESTCRUSH VDELYGMIA (Blackened Death Metal / Sludge / Grind)


“Vdelygmia” is the second release and first full-length by Edinburgh’s Chestcrush, the solo project by Evangelos Vasilakos . The Greek-born musician has recently published his first demo that received praises from underground metal community and was then physically released by two European labels and sold out quickly afterwards. On this demo, Chestcrush presented their unique and crushing style of Blackened Death Metal and Grindcore, influenced by raging Old School Black Metal and a shattering Sludge / Post Metal. And now the time has come for the world to witness “Vdelygmia” in its utterly terrifying yet fascinating might. 
On “Vdelygmia” Chestcrush reduces melodic influence on a necessary amount, and sets its focus on total sonic annihilation of a listener with vast and severe arsenal of sound weaponry of cover bombing blast beats, napalm burning guitar riffs and blood chilling war cries. Nine anthems of terror and hate lyrically devoted to coping with own mental and physical health tragedies (the band name chosen for a reason) and unbearable abhorrence to the current political situation in Evangelos motherland Greece. 
Title “Vdelygmia” is a Greek word originally spelled “ Βδελυγμία“ which means “abomination”, “filth” and “repulsion” of extreme levels and can be used both to define the feeling and a person, who is sorely corrupted and depraved. And this title completely reflects the musical part of the album which is so beautifully disgusting, violent, horrifyingly brutal and stunningly ugly as a nearly perfect Blackened Death Metal / Grindcore album can be.

Release credits:
Evangelos Vasilakos – Compositions, guitars, bass, lyrics, programming
Thomas Blanc – Vocals (Thomas has sang for Helioss, Celestial Swarm among others)
Krzysztof Klingbein – Drums (Krzysztof has played for Vader, Hate, Deathspawn among others)
Front cover and inner cover by  PLA.G.U.E
Skull by  CVSPE
Design by Aleh Zielankievic
Mixed and mastered by  Ben Jones  (mixed Vacuous, Meth Leppard, Greed among others)

Press clips:
  "The massive riffs all but swirl themselves around you in chaos." 

"Feeling unsettled but you don't have the gall to change it or turn it off" 
-Purgatory Reviews 

"Fusing elements of Black Metal and Sludge into the mix to make something nightmarish and heavy" 

"Black metal malevolence before erupting into death metal chaos" 
-Musipedia Of Metal 

"Beautifully guttural and gloriously brutal" 

"Ugly, disturbing and depraved" 

"The band's name does the music justice, this is crushing your very bones!" 

"This is a violence you can feel, 4 quick tracks that just keep hitting till the end" 
- Independent Metal Reviews  

"Τhe weight of their music will crush your mind and soul" 
Band links: 
Past features: 
Musipedia Of Metal 
Metal Trenches YouTube -
Ken’s Death Metal Crypt Youtube -


MERCIC launches two New Odes to Chaos!


 Portuguese Experimental Industrial Rock/Metal artist, and one of the greatest components in the worldwide industrial scene, MERCIC, released two new killer albuns on June 4th through UNP Music already available for sale and streaming on major plataforms!

"MERCIC_7_2021" and "MERCIC_8_2021" are both like synthesized soundtracks of chaos, mixed with brutal and apocalyptic melodies that showcase MERCIC's diversity and innovative originality. With the two new albuns, the band not only continued their melancholic and creative saga, but also raised the complexity of their sound to a new level.

Check out "Batalha de Egos // The Crown Belongs To Johnny" on:

Check out Double Album Teaser on:

“MERCIC_7_2021” tracklist:

“Batalha de Egos”
“Começa a Viver-Te”
“Sê Audaz”
“Já Não Te Pertences”
“Se Pequeno for o teu Pensamento, Jamais Serás Grande em Algo”
“Foge & Liberta-Te”
“Há Sempre Um Vazio”
“Olha-Te ao Espelho”
“Somos Erros”

“MERCIC_8_2021” tracklist:

“The Determinant Rising”
“The Ruinous Damage”
“The Extermination Of What You Thought To Be”
“The Continuous Uncertainty”
“The Conqueror”
“The Most Perfect Nightmare”
“The Pain Builder”
“Nostalgia For The Past Nights”
“The Crown Is For Johnny (R.I.P)”
“The Last Ramble Of Dawn Enough!”

Mixing & Mastering by Andre Tavares
Front Cover & Arts by Cesar Palma
Fotography by Mariana Félix

Both albums are available separately and featuring special guests by renowned portuguese musicians from Industrial and Experimental Rock/Metal scene such as Andre Tavares, Cesar Palma, Manuel Melo, Hugo Areias, Claudio Silva, Luis Coelho, Jorge Caldeira, Jose Costa, Jo , Tiago Tokinha, Ricardo Gingado, Paulo Dimal and Cristiano Vieira.

More about MERCIC:

Created in 2015, in Grândola, Portugal, by multi-instrumentalist Carlos Maldito, after making the
sudden and difficult decision of parting ways with all the bands in which he was a part of at the time to fully dedicate his efforts towards his own personal project. Thus was born, MERCIC an industrial rock project, with the main objective to release only studio albums and to remix other bands, detaching from the norm of singles and music videos and aiming to release an album a year. The full transformation came in 2019, before the release of the fifth record, "MERCIC_5_2019", a time at which MERCIC considers a new start in both his personal and professional life.

Due to the philosophy of the project being to focus as much as possible on the music and let it speak for itself, live shows are a rarity and the use and abuse of heavily manipulated imagery is another product of modern society that MERCIC avoids as much as possible.

The sound is unique, opening borders between gothic, alternative and indie rock and metal, with a heavy influence of industrial music. Focused on melody, modernist progressions and a myriad of different atmospheres. He incorporates a wide range of vocalizations, synthesized beats, keyboards, samplers and orchestrations full of melancholy and inspired by personal themes, existential issues and climatic nuances to create not only dark atmospheres in his music, but also an almost unimaginable diversity between styles. If you are looking for innovative, non stereotypical, outside of the box and unconventional music, then MERCIC is what you are looking for.

For fans of Nine Inch NailsMinistryFront Line AssemblyDie KruppsGodfleshKilling JokeKMFDMMarylin MansonOrgyRevolting Cocks etc.


MERCIC_1_2015 (Album/2015)
MERCIC_2_2016 (Remix) (EP/2016)
MERCIC_3_2017 (Album/2017)
MERCIC_4_2018 (Album/2018)
MERCIC_5_2019 (Album/2019)
MERCIC_6_2020 (Album/2020)
Cursed (Sacred Sin) (Remixed By Mercic) (Single/2020)
Shattered (Congruity) (Remixed By Mercic) (Single/2020)
Cold (Chaosfear) (Remixed By Mercic) (Single/2020)
Rhythmotion (Machinergy) (Remixed By Mercic) (Single/2020)
Bloodied Hope (Theriomorphic) (Remixed By Mercic) (Single/2021)
MERCIC_7_2021 (Album/2021)
MERCIC_8_2021 (Album/2021)


Carlos "Maldito" - Vocals/Samplers/Keyboards/Drums
Cesar Palma - Guitars (Live)

Listen to MERCIC on:

Amazon Music:
Apple Music:

Social Media/Contacts:

Official Merchandising:
UNP Music:
Press Agency & Interviews:

Source: JZ PRESS


Meet Vulture Lord "Desecration Rite" (Black Metal)


FFO: Urgehal, Beastcraft , Carpathian Forest, Marduk

Releases June 20, 2021

Eighteen years after the release of their first full length album,  Profane Prayer , the legendary  Vulture Lord  have returned with its caustic, violent successor -  Desecration Rite ! The album will be released in  June  by  Odium Records  and pre-orders started on April 22nd , along with the unveiling of the first single from the album,  'Bloodbound Militia' .

You can see the video for the 'Bloodbound Militia' single at the Odium Records YouTube channel by following this link:

The album, Desecration Rite, featuring stunning cover art from Jorge Vimendy , is available to pre-order on CD, Vinyl and a deluxe wooden box edition, limited to just 66 copies, along with accompanying t-shirts and longsleeves - all from Odium Records at:

Vulture Lord feature members of  Urgehal ,  Carpathian Forest ,  Beastcraft  and  Endezzma  and Desecration Rite features material written by the sadly departed and much-missed  Nefas  of Urgehal.

Full track listing for Desecration Rite:

1  Glorification of the Dethronation
2. Bloodbound Militia
3. Stillborn Messiah
4. The Vulture Lord
5. Diabolical Intervention
6. Prepare the Coffin
7. Beneficial Martyrdom
8. Burning the Kingdom of God
9. Perverting the Bible

The Vulture Lord has returned and darkness, death and desecration await!

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MARENNA release a New Single & Physical EP Edition!


Brazilian Hard Rock band MARENNA, led by vocalist Rod Marenna, has just released the single "Had Enough" on all main digital platforms. The theme of the single deals with the difficulties within the relationships of modern daily life, addressing the challenges of living with individual differences and anxieties, provoking reflections and choices.

Originally, the song was pre-produced in 2019 between Rod Marenna and the producer Jonas Godoy. In this final version, the original drum takes were used, the guitar arrangements were given a new look and the musical production of guitarist/producer Mauro Caldart, who recreated and improved all the arrangements.

The vocal production and co-authoring of lyric were made alongside with Arthur Appel, and the mixing and mastering were done by Jonas Godoy, both music partners of the band since 2014.

The video was produced by Johnny Brando.

Alongside Rod Marenna, on the track "Had Enough", are musicians Arthur Schavinski (Drums), Luks Diesel (Keyboards), Bife (Bass) and the special guest appearance of Mauro Caldart (Guitars and Music Production)

Listen Now to "Had Enough" on main digital platforms:

Watch the Official Video Music for "Had Enough":

Also watch the One Take Vocal Video for "Had Enough":


The EP "Pieces Of Tomorrow", originally released in 2020 only in digital format, has just received a special edition on CD and Tape Cassette, in addition to "Had Enough" and the three tracks already released, "Getting Higher", "Pieces Of Tomorrow" and "Break My Hear Again", the physical edition includes exclusive versions of other tracks recorded during the quarantine period.

Tracking List:

01- Getting Higher *
02- Pieces Of Tomorrow *
03- Had Enough (Feat. Mauro Caldart) **
04- Break My Heart Again *
05- Fall In Love Again (Lockdown Sessions) (Bonus Track) ***
06- Keep On Dreaming (Lockdown Sessions) (Bonus Track) ***
07- Getting Higher (Lockdown Sessions) (Bonus Track) ***
08- Break My Heart Again (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track) ***

* Produced by Jonas Godoy
** Produced by Mauro Caldart
*** Produced by Luks Diesel

Vocals produced by Arthur Appel
Mixed & Mastered by Jonas Godoy at Linha Sonora Studios, Caxias do Sul/RS, Brazil
Artwork by Luks Diesel

This release presents a new phase of MARENNA, showing a more mature sound, but keeping the roots within its artistic concept, betting on the mix of its classical influences from 80's Melodic Rock/AOR with a modern contemporary rock sound also in terms of production. The main influences of the band are bands like: Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Journey and H.E.A.T.

"I believe that we closed a cycle with this  work in the midst of a turbulent period and full of setbacks, but even so, we took this consistent step to the new phase we are looking for, after all, a work materialized in a physical format always has a different taste, becoming a living connection between the art, the artist and the fan," commented Rod Marenna.

Alongside vocalist Rod Marenna, on the EP, are the musicians: Arthur Schavinski (Drums), Luks Diesel (Keyboards), Bife (Bass) and Alex Reck (Guitars).

Additional Musicians by:
Arthur Appel (Bass & Backing Vocals on the track "Break My Heart Again")  
Acauã Montiel (Keyboards on the track "Getting Higher")
Mauro Caldart (Guitar & Backing Vocals on the track "Had Enough")

The Physical edition can be ordered through:
Let's Rock –
Doctor Rock CDs -
Anjo Music –
Rocketz Records (Cassete Tape) –
Signed copies can be ordered by the e-mail:
Web & Social Media

Pictures by Roger Clots

Press Agency: JZ PRESS

News about: Ornimental "Red, White, ...And Wrath" (Hard Rock / Metal)



FFO: Metallica, Pantera, Van Halen

Release Date: April 4th, 2021

Miami 's premier Hard Rock / Metal band. Ornimental has shared the stage with some of the biggest acts in Hard Rock , and Metal such as Children of Bodom, Death Angel, TYR,  Overkill, Sid of Slipknot, Nonpoint, Butcher Babies, OTEP, Jeff Scott Soto of Yngwie Malmsteen, Eye Empire, and many more.​

On behalf of the band, Danny Perry (Lead Singer/Lead Guitarist) had the opportunity to perform with the world famous "Miami-Dade Film Orchestra" which won not one, but two Emmy Awards for their now famous "VGC" or "Video Game Concert" which has gone viral multiple times on social media for their "Naruto Medley". Also, Danny's incredible performance on their adaptation of the "Halo Theme" which showcased his well know guitar skills.​

In just the first record, Ornimental's first single "Encage" has become a favorite, and has been streamed on YouTube over a quarter million times. Just recently, Ornimental released their second single "Love Thy Enemy" to promote the highly fan anticipated follow up record "Red, White, ...and Wrath", and was played on the radio in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. 

With a band that's toured, been interviewed on online magazines, and consistently professional, Ornimental will no doubt be a house hold name in the near future. 

Check out the latest video!

"These guys are phenomenal"

Terry Knight, M.M.TV

“Allbiz Entertainment selects Ornimental's " PowerNerve" for a Showcase.”

Jeff Becker, Allbiz Entertainment

“Head pounding Metal, these guys are great!”

Jean Paul, Metal Messiah Radio

“They'll make it!”

Bruce Knight, Miami Music TV

“Great original sounds, young very talented musicians. The songs have punch and melody, I just couldn't stop moving”

Diana Nelson, Drumtastic Magazine

"Being a heavy supporter of local music, I am still baffled how this band has flown under my radar for so long. Well, this was my virgin foray into what Ornimental had to offer and found myself absolutely mesmerized. Their sound is very heavy at times with times of clean atmosphere, providing the listener with a tasteful and flowing direction of music and lyrical intent. The set included “Escape With Me”, “Black Sabbath”, “Encage” and “Love Thy Enemy” which accurately showcases the outright talent of individual players and how well they play together. The accurate and speedy feet of the drummer Julio Garcia along with the chorded and/or slap style bass lines of Sully provide a strong foundation for the impossibly complex guitar work and semi-clean and clean vocals of Ariel and Danny to navigate. In the middle of the show, Danny Perry even took five minutes to “noodle” on his axe. Noodle? Whatever… This man is a monster! A polished, five minute solo interspersed with Van Halen and Dime is “noodling” most guitarists would aspire to play within any song on stage. That being said, all members have great stage presence and administer bone crushing music that engages and entertains as well, if not better than any band I have seen. Ornimental being one of the two bands I had not had the pleasure of hearing before, definitely gained at least one big fan very quickly! Super freaking band!"

- Odyssey, Metal Nexus

Follow the band at these links:


Evolution Artist Agency contact: